Documentation : Weather Radar

I’m not finding anything in the docs about the Weather Radar?

What does the “Custom overlay” do? What kind of items can I bind to it?

Custom overlays are for additional weather maps provided only by OpenWeather integration (Premium Plus required) at this time.

There are more details in the announcement few months ago: HomeHabit 21.0: OpenWeather and AccuWeather

Ah cool, from UX perspective would be good to put a note in the setup somewhere to say overlays are Premium Plus.

Yeah, it is unclear right now. However, custom overlays in Weather Radar widget is not an actual Premium Plus feature, just it happens that only one Premium Plus integration provides data for it, at the moment.
My thinking was to maybe show suggested integrations in some form in item picker (especially when it is empty), which might address this.

Yes, the empty picker gave me the impression I could do something but did not have the right items…

@TommySharp Just wanted to mention that since all integration types are now available for Premium users, you should be able to use OpenWeather integration for custom overlays.