Dimer on/off light

I have been using homehabit on a sony tablet / with home assistant integration / for some time now. For several days I have had a problem with light switches / dimmers. In the past, to turn off the light, I moved the dimer to 0% and the light was off and the switch color turned gray and remained at 0%. Now, after turning off the light at 0%, the button turns gray, but after a few seconds it returns to the last position, e.g. 100% and lights up blue as if the lamp was turned on but it is turned off. To turn on the light again I have to move the button to 0% and then to the percentage I want. What can I do to fix it?

@sette there is a bug fix currently in progress that might address this. I will get back to you when it is available.

@sette If you subscribed to beta releases, the new build 1.9 (4808) should be fixing the issue you experienced. That build is rolling out now.

Today I installed the update you write about. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. In addition, a new one appeared after the update, the multiswitch does not work. It was working before the update. You can see it in the video at this point.

@sette thanks for the update.
Is the problem happens only when setting dimmers to 0 (e.g. off) and works for any other value?

Dimers work well for adjusting the lights. I can turn them off by moving to 0%, and then they automatically move to 100% but the light does not turn on.

Still can’t reproduce this any of the light bulbs in testing.

  • Which lights do you have for those dimmers (what is the HA component)?
  • What is your HA version?

I have osram zigbee bulbs and philips hue. The lighting is clipped on HA version 0.116 and zigbeemqtt 1.15 version. But I thought about it and went back to the earlier version of zigbeemqtt 1.14.4 and to my surprise the dimmer switches started working properly as before. Unfortunately, the multi switch still does not work. It means that there is information on how many lights are turned on and the icon changes color, but pressing the switch has no reaction, it does not turn on or off.

Glad it works on previous HA version, I will check if there are any API changes.
Multi-switch bug is fixed in 1.9 (4810) build.

Hi Igor! I’m experiencing the same issue. I do believe it is because of the fact that zigbee2mqtt is “creating” light entities with a status that could be either on or off, while previously brightness 0 meant off. But now the brightness stays at the last known value when changing the status to off.
Hope that helps and we can see a fix soon. A timeline would be much appreciated!

@igor anything on the above? I left a comment more than a month ago, and the problem still exists. Thanks in advance!