Dashboard and Pages different tiles?


Have been using Domoticz and the Domoticz app for many years.
I don’t use the actual app because it is way too slow and sluggish.
I do however use the widgets on the tablet on the wall.
But with every Domoticz app update the widgets are broken.
This has been going on for years.
Now I have found this app.
Can I make different tile sizes for Dashboard and Pages ?
I want to have the Domoticz buttons on the dashboard.
On Page 1 I want to place apps like Yelight, Roborock etc.
But if I have many tiles in Dashboard, these tiles are also so big in Page 1.
But then you can hardly recognize the apps.


In the latest release, HomeHabit 33.0: Theme overlays. Dashboard density. New integrations, all dashboards have 2x density within the same area, so it should allow to select more granular widget sizes.

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