HomeHabit 33.0: Theme overlays. Dashboard density. New integrations

New integrations

Several new integrations in this release:

  • Ring Alarm
  • Nanoleaf
  • Ecobee
  • Govee


Govee integration was improved with faster device updates and authentication flow that allows integration with all Govee devices. The new authentication uses email and password instead of an API key. You would need to set email/password in Govee integration configuration to use the improvements.

Dashboard density

Dashboard density has been increased 2x to provide more flexible layout configurations. With the increased density, it is possible to position and resize widgets at half of the previous widget size. All existing dashboards are automatically migrated, where all widgets double in size but stay the same relative to their dashboard.

Theme overlays

Dashboard pages and widgets can use the new theme overlays to apply a theme different from their dashboard. Theme overlays apply only supported theme properties depending on where it is used.
For example, theme overlay used on a widget does not change the spacing. Spacing will remain uniform for all widgets on a single dashboard page.

The same dashboard from the previous screenshot can be styled to group widgets with different theme overlays. The screenshot below shows a dashboard with 5 different custom themes used as widget overlays, including transparent theme for the clock widget.

Thank you

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HomeHabit 33.0
Available starting August 16, 2022


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