Collection of toggle switches?

Not sure if this has already been asked for in some way already…
This may be a little too “home assistant” like but having a collection of switches within a single widget would be kinda cool and maybe with a master switch to turn them all off if needs be?


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Something similar was considered awhile ago, as List widget - it would show switches and other data, like sensors, in the list format. However, I wasn’t sure if there is any additional value since switches can already be grouped into a single master widget, and everything else is covered with individual widgets with more flexibility.

If anyone has more use cases where this can be useful, please post here.

One advantage of this approach is likely more data per area of display - i.e. a widget covering 2 spaces could probably show the status of many more than 2 switches.

It also allows you to nicely group related items.

My 2 use cases:

  1. Windows in the house
    I can use a single grouped widget, but this will only show me if all my windows are closed, or a number are open. I cant see which ones I should go and shut. It would be nice to be able to either:
    a) replace the group widget with a couple of spaces showing the status of many windows in a single list
    b) when we get the ability to click on a widget and jump to another page (or a popup dialog), organising the widgets in a list would still be nicer.

  2. lights in the house:
    Ditto, for my single group widget showing if any lights have been left on.
    Additionally, if the status of all the lights was shown on the same page or pop up dialog as the windows, a list which groups all the lights together, and another list which groups all the windows together would be easier to understand visually.

List widget is available as part of HomeHabit Labs in 37.0 release.

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