HomeHabit 37.0: List widget (Labs)

List widget

The new widget available in HomeHabit Labs (enable in Settings). It supports several element types such as switch, sensor, value and button.

Other changes

  • feature: Preview in Widget editor is scaled if widget size is larger than available space
  • fix: Shelly integration loses connection after a state change for some devices
  • fix: Possible crash when selecting images for Image integration

HomeHabit 37.0
Available starting November 20, 2022

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I love the new list widget, already converted one dashboard page to almost all list widgets. I have a few questions and/or suggestions. Not sure if I missed a way to do any of this with the current version

  • Can the order of devices be changed in the list widget? I forgot a device in a few and had to start over to get them in correct order.

  • My door sensor shows as on/off but I see above your contact sensor shows open?

  • Same for motion/occupancy sensor would be great to show actual state instead of on/Off.

@Fearlessadventurers Those are all great suggestions! Some of that missing functionality is one of the main reasons the widget was released as part of Labs for now.

This should be added soon. It depends on some general improvements in Widget Editor, so it is a larger effort.

Thank you for the reply, I really like alot if the new improvements to the app recently!

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