Blink XT2 camera

First my english is not good. I tried to connect my new Blink XT2 camera in HomeHabit but the only thing i have is a picture or video format error. Samething for my wyze rtsp cam. They great in HomeAssistant. I run HomeHabit with an android samsung tablet Galaxy Tab A SM-T510. Any idea?


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Can you show what is the configuration for each camera in HA?


username: [redacted]
password: [redacted]



  • platform: generic
    still_image_url: rtsp://ID &
    stream_source: rtsp://ID &

mjmpeg_bin: /usr/bin/ffmpeg

thanks for the details.
Blink integration was working, but it wasn’t giving a live stream before (I’m using it personally as well), even in HA. I will check if something has changed or got broken.

Generic camera streams are not supported yet. HA is using streaming protocol that is good for browsers, but not supported natively on Android. Adding support is planned and was in development already.

Any developpement Igor?

@smeloche nothing new on generic camera streams yet. Still planned for a release later this year.

Hello Igor,
I’m wondering if this will be available soon?


@smeloche this is still in progress. Android does not have a good libraries for comprehensive video support, so there is still a struggle to combine support for multiple stream types in some maintainable way. At this time, the earliest this could happen is in late January.

Hello Igor,

Is sad to have no developpement for live camera in dashboard… Do you expect developpement, it’s always repushed.


will be nice to have this dev :+1:

Supposed to be done at the end of 2020 but no developpement ;((

Generic streams from HASS are supported now with Camera Streaming V2 feature available in Labs (enable in Settings).
More details in the release announcement from few weeks ago: HomeHabit 10.0: Donut chart widget