After import / export some dashboard pages do not load because of invalid icons

Hi Igor, new user here, first of all I’m really impressed and enthousiastic about HomeHabit. In less then a week it already has become an important piece of my domoticz config.

I really want to help to improve HomeHabit, so here is one of my issues:

After using the export / import function to restore the config to another (exactly identical device Samsung SM-T580) or even the same device, I get an error on certain pages: Dashboard page icon is invalid.

I have enabled Extra icon packs on both devices. Is the only way to get the dashboards back to manually remove the custom icons from the json backup file?

@kasdewit Very happy to hear that you are enjoying the app! :slight_smile:

Let me check on that issue, since it looks there might be a bug somewhere. Will update.

@kasdewit This issue has been fixed for the next release (Beta 19)

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