Zwave, switches, and OH2

Can anyone comfirm if zwave and OH2 is currently working?

I have a bunch or zwave switches that all work fine with OH2, but with home habitat when i try to set up a switch there are no items found.

These are setup as switch items in OH2 as well and not color or dimmer items.


@ptmuldoon Which widget are you trying to setup?

Hi, same happens to me on home assistant. Trying to set a light widget.

@Qua994 Which HA component are you trying to connect to light widget? Can you trying search in list of all components before selecting widget type and see if that switch/light available there?


Not sure where can I find this list on HomeHabit.

If helps, what I did and work as a workaround was to select the room widget -> Elements -> Add element, there I could find the zwave switch entity I was looking for.

That should be bindable to a switch widget. Only light components are bindable to light widget.
Let me know if that works.

When you adding widget, tap “Select item…” instead of selecting widget type on the first screen.

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Yep, all is much clearer now! Thank you!
Is there a way to duplicate widgets?

No, not possible yet, but it is a planned improvement.