Yr weather component

Cannot bind condition from Yr in weather component, it does not list any options when trying to bind condition item. Using home assistant.

@Chrofs Do you have symbol in a list of monitored_conditions in YR component config?

Yes, symbol and temperature

@Chrofs hmmm, it should work then. What is your HA server version and the app version?

1.0 Beta 12 (2144)
Hass 0.90.1

Any progress on this? Still an issue for me

I was unable to reproduce it, and no other obvious bugs that should affect it.
Can you provide your exact component config to test again, maybe I’m missing something obvious.

@Chrofs Actually, instead of config, can you copy what attributes data shown for that entity on States page (/dev-state), e.g. something like that:

  "attribution": "Weather forecast from met.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.",
  "friendly_name": "YR Current Symbol",
  "entity_picture": "https://api.met.no/weatherapi/weathericon/1.1/?symbol=2;content_type=image/png"


It looks the same to me:

attribution: Weather forecast from met.no, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
friendly_name: yr Symbol
entity_picture: https://api.met.no/weatherapi/weathericon/1.1/?symbol=3;content_type=image/png

Ok, this is weird. If you are on the beta channel and have the latest beta 17 version installed, can you check if you try to create new widget, then “Select Item” on first screen (screenshot below), and see if YR condition is the list? That list will contain all items that are available in the app regardless of widget type.
And then, if you have condition item listed, let me know what widget types shown on the next screen.

I’m on beta 16, but when I create a new widget, there is no “select item”, only “pick a widget”. If I try the weather component, but cannot bind condition. If I pick e.g. the Value component, I’m able to pick the yr_symbol.

Thanks for the info. That’s useful, let me get back to you.

One more thing, in /dev-state again, can you let me know what is in the state column for YR symbol entity?

Right now the state is 3, but I guess this changes with the weather