Yeelight Integration Error

Hi, I am having some issues with the Yeelight integration in HomeHabit. I have successfully added 3 out of 6 light bulbs via the relevant IP addresses under the Yeelight integration, however if I try to add any of the remaining 3, there is immediately an error and the whole integration does not work anymore, it just tries to reconnect constantly. I have no idea what could be the reason for this. Have anyone faced this issue? Are you using multiple light bulbs with Yeelight integration?

Most likely the app cannot access any of those 3 remaining lights. Currently, if any of Yeelight devices fail it causes an error for the whole integration.

Can you enable debug mode for Yeelight integration in the Integrations screen, and upload debug logs from the Support screen right after?

Thank you very much for your quick response! I have uploaded the debug logs.

Logs do show that it cannot connect to the last Yeelight device (the one with x.x.x.208 IP), e.g. device does not respond on that IP. Given that the IP is valid, I’m not sure why would there be a difference.
What are the device models for those?

Thank you for your help, actually, I have reset the devices and added them from scratch and it works now!

Thank you for the amazing app!

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That’s great to hear! Both, that it works now and that you are enjoying the app.

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