Workaround for Date/Time Helpers?

I use Home Assistant Date/Time Helpers to set alarm clock times/wake up times. These times are used to do various routines like play an alarm, turn on bedroom lights, etc. I would like to be able to control this time from the home habit tablet in my bedroom so i can adjust the alarm clock time. However, when I try to add it, it says date/time helper is unavailable. I assume this means home habit has not yet implemented a time picker widget, correct?

If so, does anyone have any suggestions how to work around this? It appears I cant even display the date/time helper so I think that rules out creating a button that calls a script that adds or subtracts minutes from the date/time helper. Any ideas would be great.

to Home Habit dev, is this something that will be added in a future update or should I request date/time helper widget in the feature requests? (really most of us just need a time picker widget, i dont really use any dates)