Wink Platform Re-Connecting NonStop

This issue is happening on both my Lenovo M8 Tablet and the Rasp Pi 4. It goes through the prompts to log in to Wink service and it connects but then it shows “connecting…” then “connected” for a split second and goes back to connecting and then cycles through those over and over again. I have added and deleted it multiple times, different Wifi and Hardwired connections and still the same. I know wink had a major outage not too long ago but i would love for this to work again. :frowning: . If you need any more information from me, do let me know.

@faviolosky can you upload debug logs after it was doing the re-connecting?

@igor I just did.

Let me know if you need anything else from me, screen shots or Device ID or whatever.

@faviolosky Thanks for uploading the logs.
Possible fix is getting pushed out in 7.0 beta release (build 4887). If you can subscribe for beta releases in Play Store, you should receive the update within next 24 hours.

Sweet, Perfect. Thank you for all that you do.!!:grin:. Will report back.

The issue is still present although it communicates with wink for a brief second longer than before, enough to send the instruction if I tap the widget at the right time.

I will upload the logs again in a second.

@faviolosky It looks like Wink just disabled their notification service. There were reports of that mid last year in other communities, but it continued to work in my experience (and looks like for you as well).
Wink does not provide support for their developer API, and it looks like they don’t really plan to keep it running properly.
This would require some rework for the integration to add polling for updates instead of notifications.

Maybe, it mght be a good sign that it is time to look for something to replace Wink. well. They gave it a good run. beautiful looking app as well.

It might be :expressionless:
I was using Wink previously as one of the hubs in my personal setup as well. The setup was easy. The app was great. Robots were a bit limited (and slow/flaky sometimes), but I was supplementing it with OpenHAB at the time.

From integration perspective, it was always a PITA. API documentation is outdated and they changed the setup few times without telling anybody (since they don’t provide dev support) - just like they did this time :unamused:
Because of that, never felt comfortable to take off experimental label from the integration.

I was thinking of going Hubitat as i don’t really want to get tooo much into learning and reading through all the blogs. lol. ii’ll be honest, i just don’t want to spend the time learning which sounds horrible, but i have very little time left over from all the projects im working on.
I’ve read and watched good things about the relative easiness of Hubitat in relationship to OpenHab and others.