Wink Platform Re-Connecting NonStop

This issue is happening on both my Lenovo M8 Tablet and the Rasp Pi 4. It goes through the prompts to log in to Wink service and it connects but then it shows “connecting…” then “connected” for a split second and goes back to connecting and then cycles through those over and over again. I have added and deleted it multiple times, different Wifi and Hardwired connections and still the same. I know wink had a major outage not too long ago but i would love for this to work again. :frowning: . If you need any more information from me, do let me know.

@faviolosky can you upload debug logs after it was doing the re-connecting?

@igor I just did.

Let me know if you need anything else from me, screen shots or Device ID or whatever.

@faviolosky Thanks for uploading the logs.
Possible fix is getting pushed out in 7.0 beta release (build 4887). If you can subscribe for beta releases in Play Store, you should receive the update within next 24 hours.

Sweet, Perfect. Thank you for all that you do.!!:grin:. Will report back.