Widget issue

Hi Igor
I would like to mention about one of the problems that has been appearing for a long time with the HomeHabbit application.
Noticed that at time of configuration widget for example webcam when i wants to bind item, i have gray screen without any additional information after that only what i can do is that i have to discard all changes and then usually trying do this same, but most of the time, this same situation reoccurs, I have a similar situation with other widgets with more or less frequency,
from my point of view it looks like application has a problem to get list of items, but im not fully sure if it is a good observation. Problem only appears on my phone Samsung S7,
Will try send you logs to your evaluation.
Kind Regards


Logs already sent

Any news?

Nothing yet. Cannot reproduce this on any testing devices and there was nothing interesting in the logs. Might be some timing issue, which is usually hard to track down. Will be doing more testing on different devices.

How often does this happen for you?