Widget active and inactive color

Good morning,
It is possible to put a button with a color when it is activated.
Is it possible to also put another color there when this button is deactivated?
For example, I manage my front door and I would like it to be green when unlocked and red when it is locked.
Is it possible to include this in a future version?

You should be to do this now with a theme overlay for that one widget.
Create a theme where widget secondary color is set to deactivated color, and theme active color is activated color. Then select that theme in Widget theme overlay property.

I just took the test. When I edit, I see the green color on the button, but when I remove the edit mode, nothing changes.
Am I forgetting a few things?

You have no solution please ?

Found the reason - that’s because of backdrop, it uses almost-transparent color, so the color is not visible.
I don’t think there is any other way right now to do multiple colors then. This would need to be a future enhancement. I will move this topic to ideas category.