What is the best way to setup security cameras?

At the moment I just have my cameras setup as “Camera” widgets and there is a Snapshot URL set with a refresh of 60 seconds.

This works and the image on the dashboard is refreshed every 60 seconds.
However if I tap on the camera feed it opens up larger (which is great) but it is just a larger version of the same static image. Ideally it would open up a live camera feed… Is this possible and if so how should it be configured?

Do you have an item in OH that has a live video URL? That would need to be assigned to Video URL property.

Thanks Igor, does it need to be any particular format?
Blue Iris seems to have an MPEG stream but it just says “connecting” in the video when it pops up…

It would need to be in MJPEG stream format

You can edit xml config. Just export configuration, change URI in camera section and then import do HH. You can use rtsp url.

Dont suppose anyone has some experience with BlueIris and creating a suitable live feed?