Web Widget - showing specific part of website (need to scroll down a bit)


is there a possibility to show a webisite in the web widget always on the same coordinates? In my case I open the website and have to scroll down a bit to show the relevant part of the website and not the overall intro. Which I do everytime I start up.

Easiest way would be that HomeHabit remembers the position and just shows it again next time I open it - but unfortunately does not.

Second easiest way would be coordinates on the page as reference which i could also put in the config json file.

The entry in json looks like that for my widget:

          "themeOverlay": null,
          "properties": {
            "uri": "",
            "js": true,
            "storage": true,
            "desktop-mode": false,
            "refresh-interval": "never"

if I could extend the “uri” with coordinates it would also be perfect.

Thanks :grinning: