Weather icon does not show

I use openHAB with HomeHabit, and tried to set up the weather widget. Everything works, but I cannot get the weather icons to show. darkSky is used, but I cannot get the weather icon to show (I defined the image channel from the dark sky binding to that, also tried the „condition“ channel, but neither one works)

Any tips on how to solve that?

Bye, Frido.

Frido, what do you mean exactly by “does not show” - you cannot bind item to condition or it is not working after it is bound?
If you can provide screenshots of while editing that widget, that might help as well.

Hello Igor,

Thank you for the quick response. I just checked and I only can bind the condition text to the item, not the condition image.

Attached is the image when you editing, do I bind the image item or the condition item?

Bye, Frido.

When you tap on Condition ID property, what do you see as a current state of Wetterkonditionen item?
Does that match state of condition channel in OH? If not, what is the state in OH?

When I link the „Wetterkonditionen“-Item (which is linked to the Current condition channel in OH) to the condition ID, I don’t see the current status in the GUI. If I link the same Item to the condition text, it shows up as „overcast“ currently, that is also the state in OH.

Got it. Try adding icon-id channel from DarkSky. Since condition channel here is just a human readable representation, while icon-id should contain something that can be processed by the app.

There is possibility that overcast value will not work as is, so you might see unknown for that condition in the app. This would need be fixed.

Thank you Igor,
That fixed it. I did not even notice that channel in then darkSky-Binding before.

Thanks for the help!


No problem at all. Glad it works now!

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