Weather condition ID

Hi Igor,
First of all congratulations for the project, it is amazing so far!
I have a small issue with the weather widget when using the forecast mode. I use Dark Sky sensors and while binding each day conditions I ran into a possible bug. The app does not display all condition IDs as you can see in the screenshot, even though they exist in HA.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Can’t upload more than 1 image in a post. Here is HA.

However, the temperatures seem to be fine.

And HA.

Thank you! Thanks for trying the app.

It looks like it should work, let me try on my end and see if I see the same issue.

@p88c Confirmed that this is a bug. Those weather attributes are not properly recognized as weather conditions, so it doesn’t show when binding to a weather widget.

Fixed for the next release. Thanks for reporting!

@igor, thank you and good luck with the great job :+1:

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