Wake Screen

It would be nice to have a way to wake the screen either via the built in camera or another senor tied to it like remote motion sensor or even a door opening.

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This is one of functionalities available in the legacy version. Will available soon!


I would like to control the switching on and off of the screen with the help of the openHub2 element, is it possible to do this?

@Olymp This is planned. Please upvote this idea to show your support.

I somehow can not vote, writes - limit, I do not understand what I have to do.

@Olymp Please try now
There is a limit on votes based on user activity in community. I have increased those, since it doesn’t seem to be high enough for our community usage.

Thank you voted! For me, for today, this is the most important function.

Hi! Is the function of turning on / off the screen with the element OpenHAB2 soon?

@Olymp I can’t give any timeline, since there are a lot of issues at play. This feature is high on the list to be developed next though.

It pleases, thank you!

Just to clarify the options for this request (my ten cents worth):

  • Utilise a sensor to monitor, and slave the state of the screan to that. Might be a bit clunky.
  • Implement mqtt client, and then subscribe/push “State” topic for screen (ON/OFF)
  • Optionally additional mqtt topic “Page”, so that you can set the screen to display a particular dashboard
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I do not want to seem annoying, but please tell me, is this feature (most expected for me) still on the list?

@Olymp It definitely is, but it is part of a broader feature set and have dependency on other related features that rely on platform data to change app behavior. So not sure when it is going to be released just yet.

I just wanted to remind you, suddenly the topic was lost :slight_smile:

If it’s difficult to turn on / off the screen on command from a remote platform, can it be easier to turn on / off the screen saver? That would be better than nothing :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for the great app.

I am now in the process of mounting a tablet on the wall running this excellent app.

I hat everything setup in my mind to use another solution which had a MQTT sensor that can be used for various tasks. Unfortunately it is too slow and I gave up on that app.

My idea was to get the tablet’s battery status and enable the usb power supply only between 20% and 80% SOC through my home assistant automation.

Will this also be possible once the big feature will be available?

Thank you.

Both have some challenges. The on/off screensaver is something that might be released soon.

I look forward to it, thanks!

Any update on this?

No update?
@igor: If you now start with paid versions you should take more focus on keep this forum up to date and give feedback to users.
And if course listening to users and add the most wanted features. If it’s not possible or NOT on the roadmap you should communicate this as well.
Otherwise noone wil use this forum anymore…