Unhide status and Nav bar

Is there any setting to not hide the status and nav bar?

@milty456 can you elaborate on why you have this request? e.g. what device are you using (phone/tablet), is it a personal preference or there is a usability concern.

I use HomeHabit on my phone to provide toggles for my various lights.
The way it currently is I need three taps and one swipe to toggle a lamp (click app, click toggle, swipe bottom up to show the navigation bar, click home to close the app).
If the navigation bar was always visible it’d remove the need for the swipe and would greatly enhance my flow.

Having an option to not launch the app in full screen and always show the status/navigation bar for people who primarily use HomeHabit on their phone seems like a welcome addition, because there’s no need for a kiosk mode in this case.