Turn off button for thermostat

I am using home assistant with Homeabit. I created a widget for my AC with thermostat but there is not turn off button. To turn off I have to press the picture. If you can add a button to turn off the thermostat because there is no such a button.


@Orm94 Thermostat widget cycles through modes when tapped. So if you have multiple modes, like heat/cool/off, it should cycle on each tap.

Yes I use this but there are buttons below the thermostat for the modes like coo, heat so if they can add a button to turn off.

We decided not to add explicit off button, since disabling heat and cool modes gives the same result. I will revisit this and see if it needs improvement.

Thank you.
I have another question: I created two widgets for shutters but the problem is that the stop button doesn’t stop shutters but it’s reverse them. Do you have any solution for this?

Doesn’t metter. I succeeded to solve it.
About the thermostat, I saw that I can turn it off and on by pressing the modes below the thermostat.

Thank you very much!!

Great, thanks for the update.