Transfer license

How i can transfer my license?
I buy a new tablet and want install on.


@Antonio_Palumbo Please upload debug logs in Support screen from both devices (one that has license currently and one that needs a transfer) and let me know after that’s done.

The problem is that my old tablet is broken…

Oh ok. Then please upload from the new device only.
Also let me know your order ID (from Play Store confirmation) over a private message.

I send you all…

Thank you for sending the information. License has been transferred, but it might take some time for the new device to receive it - up to 24 hours.

Ok thanks

Hi @igor,

today I was sending logs from both of my tablets through the support channel, as they are not working with home assistant. When being in the support screen I noticed that one tablet is showing “starter” and the other one is showing “trail” license. On my “starter” tablet I recently upgraded the Android version to Lineage OS 15 as I hoped to have Home Habit working with newer Android version. After the installation was done I restored my app from the old Android version, but it seems when doing this Home Habit doesn’t recognize that I had installed the app before on the same tablet.
This might be an issue when purchasing the home habit app as there is currently a discount for another 2 month. Is there a way to restore the trail license on my tablet once the “reconnecting issue” is solved?

@Antonio_Palumbo was the license applied on the device?

@michelm It is not possible to apply trial license to in the app anymore. However, it should be possible to apply discount when purchasing license. I will check on exact steps to do that.



Got it. I’m not sure why device doesn’t check for a license, maybe there is a bug. Will check.

I think there is a bug in the license check area after license transfer. The fix should be ready soon.
Sorry it took a bit longer to debug this.

Bug fix was included in the patch release that is rolling out right now.

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