Tracker via MQTT

Hey guys,
I have a Raspberry Pi in my van with a GPS module.
There’s a mqtt broker running and passing values to Homehabit works great.

now I would like to integrate the gps coordinates and use them in a map. Is it somehow possible to generate a mqtt message that can be used for this?


@Gabor What kind of values you current pass to HomeHabit, in what format?
Are you using MQTT integration?

Yes, I’m using the MQTT integration. So I create an Item and subscribe to a topic e.g. van/position/lat_long where the value looks like this: xx.04513527,xx.14887287,0.0000000,0.0. This does not sow up as Tracker.

MQTT integration does not have support for tracker/location item yet. I will see if it can be added for the next release.

Thanks Igor!
That sounds great and I really appreciate it.
It would be great, if this feature would be available in a future release.


Hey @igor,
any updates on this?
I would really appreciate if you could add this functionality.



@Gabor Still planned for the next (or one after) release, but it isn’t completed yet.