Text format issues

Hi Igor,
I have been using your previous Legacy Rotini app for more than two of years with excellent results with OpenHAB.
Now I have started migrating the code to the new HomeHabit app.

I found one weird difference between Rotini and HomeHabit in the way they manage formatted strings:
In Rotini the Text widget was displaying the String as formatted in the OpenHab items file; in HomeHabit the equivalent Value Widget is displaying the String unformatted, causing many widgets to display weird values.


*// Astro binding *
DateTime Sunrise_Time “Sunrise [%1$tH:%1$tM]” (gDateTime) {channel=“astro:sun:CasaVarazze:rise#start”} // shows the sunrise

With Rotini Legacy the value displayed was:

With Homehabit the value displayed is:

As you can see, HH version is not friendly and cannot be displayed.

Hi @igor,
did you have a chance to look at this bug?