Tap Thermostat widget to Boost heating


Suggestion: Tap action for thermostat just being to trigger a preset boost action.

Background: I’ve just set home assistant to replace a Domoticz and a custom Dashing dashboard on a wall mounted tablet. Im shocked at the lack of wall mounted tablet interfaces (and how unusable the official UI is for this task), but absolutely love Home Habit. Head and shoulders above everything else I have found. I have Hive Heating, and tapping the icon scrolls through various modes, but there is no ability to just boost, or advance - the only two actions I ever perform (why would I want to come out of the scheduled mode?). Im based in the UK, and wonder if the approaches to heating differ to that in the states, as I have had this problem before with other integrations.
Sorry if this is already possible in some way I haven’t yet discovered with Home Assistant.

Is boost/advance something like a temporary hold for certain temperature which sets back to schedule after period of time?

What happens when you just adjust temperature (without changing mode) with Hive integration?

Thank you!

Yup, you boost for x amount of time at y degrees.
Ie put the heating on at 22 C for 30 minutes then revert back to schedule.

I’ve found I can add an action or switch to run a script which calls the boost service on hive, but with so little screen space it’s a shame to have the button next to the thermostat tile.

Would be cool to associate an action with a tap for every tile.

I think being able to add custom icons to the Thermostat widget could let you have a button that is used to fire off a rule on your Home Automation system that can then do the boost for you and revert back?