Support home assistant select like input_select

In Home Assistant, I control a harmony remote using a bunch of automation and an input select, which I then use in HH as a scene.
I notice the Harmony integration in Home Automation includes a select type, which seems very like the input select. It would be awesome to be able to use this out the box as a HH scene without any need to create my own input select and all the automation.


@thisisdavidbell HA input_select component is already supported. [misread the title]
Can you send “state and attributes” for that harmony entity from HA dev tools?
I don’t have Harmony remote active for testing now, but I can then check why it wouldn’t be recognized from that data.

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Hmm, not sure what is this select component. Didn’t see anything directly related in HA source code.
You are sure that this is a part of standard Harmony integration?

Thanks for the reply.
I presumed it was this: which I agree is a little short on doc.

Pretty sure its a standard part of the HA Harmony integration - its listed under the Entities added by the Harmony integration.

Thanks for pointing this out. Don’t know how I missed it, searched specifically for “select” in components :man_facepalming:
Okay, so this component was added relatively recently, so I will need to traceback how it is different from input_select. After that, if its behavior is similar, adding support should be easy.

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Support for select component has been added in 35.0 release.

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