Support for Android splitscreen

It would be cool to be able to use home habit with Androids split screen feature. Having 2/3rd the screen displaying a camera app for example, then 1/3 of the screen showing HH with various widgets would be a very simple way to combine different artifacts.

HomeHabit already allows you to add camera integrations to your dashboard, why open another app?

Because my camera doesn’t work through the HH integration. In all honesty that’s the real reason, but also HH is not a dedicated camera app, so you could get a richer camera experience with a dedicated app. Or others could load any app they wanted without HH needing to add that specific support.

Primary limitation for split-screen support is fixed nature of the dashboard grid. A dashboard that was created in split-screen won’t fit properly in full-screen and vice versa.

I was naively assuming that it could be done, either by being dynamic, or by designing your dashboard knowing it would always be shown in split screen.

If it needs to be a fixed number of widgets (i.e. 1 widget wide), we can just change the grid to be 1 wide, design it how we want and it just expands to fit the space.
Home Assistant seems to adapt, if you give it a small space, it shows one column of widgets. If you give it more, it shows more columns of widgets. Im not actually sure this flexibility suits a dashboard like HH, but still.

Even if HH rendered a full screen, and only a part of it was ‘revealed’ in the split screen window, this would still allow someone to match up the grid with the space on show with a bit of tweaking.

I guess one approach would be to allow you to configure one dashboard for when in splitscreen mode, and one not. It does start to sound like a lot more work then. Thats why I hoped that creating a 1 wide dashboard would work, for people who will only ever use splitscreen.