Suggestions how to add Garbage Collection to dash?

I am using the Garbage collection HACS custom component and the garbage collection lovelace card to get a nice display on my current tablets of when the next recycle pickup day is:

Since its not possible to use the custom card in Home Habit does anyone have any suggestions on how to display this (and have it look decent).

It does put them in the calendar but when I go to add calendar tile i dont get any options.

the way the component works is it makes a sensor:

the sensor contains the next day, number of days and then there is a int code, one int is day of, one is day before and one is multiple days before i believe. i THINK its 0 is day of, 1 is day before and 2 is multiple days before.


My solution to everything not directly handled in home habit seems to be a Homehabit scene - which is a home assistant input select. You could have an input select for each of 7 days for example, and use an automation to set the right input select value based on the trash sensor values.

Just a thought