Some sensor data / actions are not available in for example thermostat or camera widget

Hi Igor,

If I add say, a thermostat widget, or a camera widget, i do not see all data from the sensors I have added in Domoticz.

Let me clarify with a few screenshots:
First a working example. Smart Energy P1 data is working.
HomeHabit shows the same data as Domoticz. (images starting with energy…)

This leads me to think that all data in the sensors should be available in HomeHabit. That’s not the case for example in:

  1. Solar panel
    Domoticz shows two lines with data (header and one in the block):
    Homehabit shows only the header:
    (images starting with solar…)

  2. Camera URL
    The snapshot is available and working, so Ive got the camera set up, but no Video url’s are available when trying to bind an item?

  3. No items to bind for Thermostat state and mode, however, the data is available in Domoticz:
    (images starting with thermostat…)

@kasdewit Thank you for detailed bug report!

Regarding video from camera, I believe Domoticz does not support actual video streaming for cameras (like mjpeg). Domoticz UI just continuously pulls a snapshot when opening video.
Because of that there is no good way to see video for cameras from Domoticz yet.

Will update later on #1 and #3

@kasdewit Can you also post screenshot of Devices page showing solar panel and thermostat related devices?



I understand! For me, a solution would be to enter my own video stream url rather then bind to an existing device in domoticz. My camera does support mjpeg, so entering the source url (something like for a Foscam device) should do the trick. Do you want me to post a feature request for this?

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