Slider widget (dimmer, volume etc)

Idea: support slider widget. A nice way of controlling it could be to tap it and “drag” away (without the widget moving), where the distance determines the magnitude.

@igor, I see OpenHAB supports dimmers now. I’m curious what the ETA is for Home Assistant.

@synth3tk OpenHAB dimmer item, which can be just used in a switch widget. There is no dimmer widget yet for any platform.

@igor do you mean in openhab or in rotini. because in openhab it is working to use a slider to control the dimmer.

Yeah, I meant in this app.

I have a lot of dimmer widgets in my current setup with the old app, this is the main reason I haven’t used the new app much

Are those primarily dimmers for lights or other devices as well?

I use the dimmer widget for 6 lights (yeelight binding also use color selection widget aswell), 2 TV boxes and 2 Google home for volume (Chromecast binding), I also use the blind widget for automated blinds (no binding, just blind item and rule directed to local network), and web widget for live camera feeds from my zoneminder server (rtsp camera feed support would be awesome). I use openhab2

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I see dimming functionality was added for Openhab. Any ETA on adding it to Home Assistant?

@Yoav_Tigelman There is no dimmer functionality for any platform yet.
No ETA for this widget at this moment, but it is planned.


It’s been almost two months since the last post in this topic. Are there any news regarding this? I would like to try switching from HABPanel, but I have a lots of lights, and few volume controls, so, dimmer is a must for me.

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Davor, the next few releases will number of new widgets, dimmer widget is planned to be included then.

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And another month since the last activity here. I know that it’s already included in the App, I’ve seen the slider aswell as some other awesome things already, but releasing it so we can use it would be super cool. I know that sometimes during development things get lost, so I have that a lot that I forget to enable a function, maybe it is not disabled intentionally as it is working on your devices.

I really hope to see a new release until tomorrow when some people are here for a visit so I can show off with the awesome wall-mounted tablet with the great software running on it :wink:

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@Flole The next release is slightly delayed because of some reliability issues discovered internally. Can’t say that it will be ready by tomorrow, even though I really wouldn’t want to stop you from showing off that great software :wink:

Just a little thing about the slider widget: I really like the way it was implemented in rotini legacy: Click on the lamp and then you can control it from there. A Slider on the page itself would take too much space. As far as I have seen it from the screenshots, that is now different. As both have their use cases, I hope both is implemented.

@Flole This dimmer widget doesn’t have dialog interface.
There will be a light widget in the future which might address your concern, since it has a different interface.

Then that’s completely useless for me… I space is limited and a 2x1 widget for each light is just too big. You need to consider that for example my lamp has the following channels:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Halogen
  • Strobe
  • Color Change
  • Color fade

That is just one lamp. Now I have another one of those, so at least half of the screen will be filled with those widgets. I am considering going back to legacy as this new version is causing to many issues for now.

Are the sliders at least possible to be “rotated”, so they can slide up and down instead of left and right? That would make it easier, even though it’s no solution for me and will result in completely stuffed dashboards. I would really welcome it, if you could “copy” my beloved dimmer from the legacy Version. I know it’s not just copy and pasting, but as I already mentioned, that together with those preview 20 functions will finally make rotini usable for me. Everything else is just “nice to have” like for example PIN protection, background selection, show sunrise and sunset on clock and whatever else we might think of in the next week.

I assume you are doing rotini in your freetime and not for living (you’re probably not making any money from it yet anyways), I know how hard it can be so have enough time for “customers” to feel good about the project, so keep up the good work, and maybe you should consider getting some help to push forward even faster.

Can you show how did you organize this 8-channel light setup in the legacy version?
Also, what is the reason you are controlling RGB channels separate versus doing it as a single color?

Vertical layout for Dimmer widget didn’t make it for this release. Most likely will be included in the next one.

Hi all. I am also looking for a solution to get my inout_number work from hass in this there a workaround? Couldn’t find any widget that supports input_number

@Thorsten_Frohlich input_number will be supported soon, there is no workaround at the moment.