Simple Temp Control?

Is there a way to control the temp up/down without the fancy circular widget that looks like a nest thermostat?

My amazon fire hd 8 tablet (running lineage os 14.1) has a really hard time handling that widget, its very difficult to set the correct temp. A simple up/down would work a lot better, is there a way to use a different widget to control the temp up/down?

I dont know if its due to lineage os being unofficial for the fire hd 8 or if its due to home habit but after i reboot the tablet home habit runs quick and fine. after a day or two it starts to run incredibly slow, no other apps run or are installed on the tablet other than home habit.


I have issues with this widget too. That said, I actually find I use boost in my house rather than just upping the temperature. What I currently do is use a standard gauge widget to view the temperature, and a Home Assistant input-select linked to a HomeHabit scene widget to select which boost I want (upstairs, downstairs, hot water).
An actual heating widget with current and target temperatures, optional up and down buttons and a boost button would be perfect for me.

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Thanks that gives me an idea… Could I create a gauge with the set temp and then create 2 buttons linked to HA scripts that increase the temp by 1 and decrease by 1?

There is a plan to add alternative design for temperature/thermostat control, but it is currently not a high priority. Separately, there is a plan to add +/- button to the current thermostat widget.
Also, current thermostat widget has double-tap areas on left/right edge to increase/decrease temperature.

Some users had issues with lineageOS, but there also have been performance problems fixed in the past related to memory issues within the app itself.
There are some work is being done for the next or one after release for one performance issue, that might lead to slowness, so maybe it is related.

That would work, assuming your thermostat integration includes a service to increase and decrease the target temperature

i’m using home kit for ecobee, I will have to check that actually, not sure if it has service. i think there are climate services i can use though.

Thanks, I didnt know there was a double tap up and down. I will try that, that would help. The up down buttons to the current widget would be awesome.

Its a cool widget dont get me wrong, its just t hat the fire tablet is so unresponsive that its hard to precisely move the dial. i even had to create an automation to check that the temp is within a normal range because a couple of times i accidently set the heat way too high.

As far as the slow downs, I will keep an eye out for the new releases, thanks!

Hi @igor! It’s been 2 years since this thread went dark. But I was wondering if there are any plans for alternative designs for the thermostat widget. Thanks!