Shutter widget - IHC

Been some time, but diving back into the new PR!

I’m using the latest PR version, OH2.3 and an IHC binding.

First of all, if I select ‘reverse’, the only thing that changes seems to be the icon, which shows activated or not. In my opinion, reversed means that the meaning of 0% and 100% get switched. Now the status of the shutter is 100%, which is shown as ‘closed’ - in my setup however, it means it is 100% open - so it should show open. Going from 0 to 100 in my setup is ‘opening’, PR now shows it as ‘closing’. I can work around it and adjust the values, but since you implemented a ‘reverse’ option, this might be good code inside the app?

The next one might be related to this bug: Shutter Widget - Status error, while
Whenever the shutter starts moving because I press a direction, the middle button changes into a stop sign for a second and then changes into an open or closed icon. When I press the middle button, it seems to send the current value, rather than the STOP command.


I’m on the latest HomeHabit Beta and I have a similar problem.
I have an automated window that is Closed at 0% and Open at 100%. My shutters are the other way round.
The reverse button in the app does only change the highlighting, but the states are still mapped wrongly. Interestingly, the conman that is sent when operating the shutter button or a dimmer is actually reversed, so it gets quite confusing!