Several Weather Widget Issues

Hi Igor,

I hope you are doing well. I have noticed 2 Bugs with the weather Widget. As I don’t really know how to describe the first one, I made a video that shows it. The numbers moving is a little weird and it looks totally strange. In addition to that, the weather widget crashed today, but unfortunately I was unable to copy the error from the logs (it was there but I think I waited too long and then it disappeared). I am using the latest alpha.

Kind Regards

This issue still exists by the way. Once one of the numbers in the bottom of the weather widget changes from 1 to 2 digits, everything shifts over a little.

I wanted to bump this topic again as the issue is still there: When a single digit number changes to a 2 digit number everything shifts over, for frequently changing values like windspeed that causes lots of movement on the dashboard and makes it almost impossible to read.

Will check on this. Will move this into bugs category, since this report got lost, so there wasn’t any action on it. Sorry about that.

This is fixed for Beta 18 release.

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