Script in Home Assistant not triggered by action


When I create an action to execute a script in home assistant, it is not triggered.
If I create a switch instead, the script is executed twice.
Tested on 2 devices with beta (1.3.4774) and official version (1.2.4771).

Not sure what else to share at this stage to help with debug.

Tested with different scripts, with same behaviour.
Do I need extra setup in Home Assistant to get a script triggered from an action?


In Action widget setup, make sure you have desired state as on (lower case) for script to execute. Just tested and it should work that way.
Also, couldn’t reproduce double-execution from a switch. Does it execute twice immediately, or after some delay?

Excellent, setting desired state to on works great for action :+1:
I didn’t understand what was the purpose of desired state for a script, so I let it by default :man_facepalming:

Regarding the double trigger of a script from a switch, I don’t really need a fix for this, because I can now use action :slight_smile:
But happy to help debugging it. I think it is not happening for all the scripts. It is executing twice immediately, and I suppose it is only happening for script that are fast to execute.
I’ll share more details later in the days with the script in Home Assistant and the config in HomeHabit.

Thanks again for your help.

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