Screen off at defined times


Thanks for a great app, got all new tablets through house and running your app on all of them, keep up the good work

on my old tablet i had an app installed that allowed you to configure a screen off time, i had it set to 12am - 6am, it would turn screen off/on respectively

I know you have a screensaver option, but if the above could be incorporate into that, it would make it ideal and reduce need for a third party app

Also, It would be great to have an option to set back to home screen (home dashboard) after a time of inactivity,

My vote for this.
Also, one awesome feature would be the “wake up with camera” like in imperihome app.
I will add a separate thread for that, please vote on it :wink:

Voted. Not having this is a big deal for me. I used to use a kiosk mode app that just ran a Web page. It turned off overnight to protect the screen and save energy, and back on in the morning at set times. I’m loathed to leave a (soon to buy) new tablet on 24/7.

Update: As I feared, my new Fire HD 8 has nothing out the box to turn it off overnight. Its just going to be on 24/7. Would love it if Homehabit could do this itself, and come back on straight back into the app.

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@igor any idea if and when this may come out

Ive bought a premium license wondering if it may have come as part of that, but understand if still in development?

@buzurk can’t say anything definitive on the timeline right now. This isn’t in development yet, but we like this idea, so it should be planned.

Sorry about the confusion with premium license. I would be happy to process a refund, if you would like.

7.0 release, on beta channel, has the new Rules feature available in HomeHabit Labs