Screen off at defined times


Thanks for a great app, got all new tablets through house and running your app on all of them, keep up the good work

on my old tablet i had an app installed that allowed you to configure a screen off time, i had it set to 12am - 6am, it would turn screen off/on respectively

I know you have a screensaver option, but if the above could be incorporate into that, it would make it ideal and reduce need for a third party app

Also, It would be great to have an option to set back to home screen (home dashboard) after a time of inactivity,

My vote for this.
Also, one awesome feature would be the “wake up with camera” like in imperihome app.
I will add a separate thread for that, please vote on it :wink:

Voted. Not having this is a big deal for me. I used to use a kiosk mode app that just ran a Web page. It turned off overnight to protect the screen and save energy, and back on in the morning at set times. I’m loathed to leave a (soon to buy) new tablet on 24/7.