Scenes widget lights up showing on or off, like the switch does

I use the scene to select Harmony activities. One item is of course ‘Off’. While the switch widget lights up to show when a switch is on, and doesn’t when it’s off, the scenes widget never does this, effectively always appearing to be ‘off’ unless you read the text. I’d love the scenes widget to light up when certain items are selected.

I could imagine each item in the scene havinh an extra option for the user to specify if this is an on or off state - representing whether the widget should light up when that item is selected.

Would love this. Thanks.

Can you make a screenshot of what you are describing? I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding this or there is a bug.

I think I understand what he wants, this is not a mistake.
in the scene widget, in the selector mode, any selected value is not highlighted, he wants to be able to select for each value from the scene, highlight the icon or not, like a switch.

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Yup, as @Olymp describes. Here is a switch and a scene, both active or ‘on’. Note the lack of a visual clue that a scene is active.

I’d love to be able to set some of the scene options to appear as on like the switch.