Scene Widget : Read Only setting

I’m using the Scene widget to try and show different icons to visualise the status of my NAS Raid array… Thumbs up for good and thumbs down for bad…

Apart from needing the label at the top of the widget it would be great if we can set a widget to be read only so that people can’t click on it.


@Igor, what are the chances of setting a widget to read only so nothing happens when people tap on it? I’m using the Scene widget to show the state of my NAS raid volume… Ideally people shouldn’t be able to click on it…

There would need to some sort of visual difference between actionable and read-only widgets, so it would need to be designed to work across the app. That is the main reason this has not happened yet.

Maybe the title could be Italic or possible a little “Eye” or “No Touch” icon at the top right of the widget to show that it’s read only…
Or possibly a popup that says “This widget has been set to read only” if someone tries to tap it?

I’d still love to be able to control the tap action. Turning it off for some widgets would be useful. Having the tap take me to a particular page would be awesome (I want to be able to tap on my all lights widget if any lights are on and be taken to page showing the state of all lights in the house)

3 years later … sorry, but came across the exact same “problem”…
Another possible solution, which might be more feasible: an actual status widget
Like just displaying a symbol/circle/square with conditional text and conditional coloring (based on an entity). Much like the gauge, which is also not clickable btw.

I just want to display the "do not disturb / free " status of my HomeOffice for the family to know.
Any better way than using the scene widget?

Still: great work!!