Scene widget confusion

I’m sure this is just a lack of understanding on my part, but what is the intention of the Scene widget? I have a few Home Assistant scenes setup, but don’t see any of them in the list to add to the widget when binding items. I can bind them to the Action widget, so HomeHabit does see the scenes, just not when configuring a Scene widget. What am I missing?

Different platforms use “scene” to mean different things, which leads to some confusion in naming.
In Home Assistant, scenes behave more as routines with a single trigger, therefore it is bound to Action widget. In some other platforms scenes are multi-toggles where you would cycle through different modes (scenes). HomeHabit uses Scene widget in that way.
Home Assistant selector components is currently bindable to Scene widget.

Thanks for that. Are there any plans to provide some sort of widget that would provide a compact list of available scenes to activate? Currently having an action toggle for each scene really eats up the screen space so I’d love a way to collapse that down a bit.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.