Scene using input_select doesn’t update

I am using a scene widget with input_select.basement_harmony. The widget works to start a harmony activity but it reverts to “poweroff” even though the input_select shows the correct activity. Any ideas? I’m assuming this is a bug.

@Jer78 Can’t seem to reproduce this in testing with a number of input_select configs.
Can you post a screenshot of input_select state from Developer tools > States in HA UI?

Also, if you have a chance to check couple of things:

  • can you reopen the HomeHabit app and see if state is changed to correct one?
  • does HomeHabit show/change state correctly when the action is taken from HA UI?


Hi Igor,

Thanks for looking into this. I’ve been trying to get it to reproduce on a different input_select but it doesn’t which is puzzling. My original problem still exists whether I start the activity from HomeHabit or HA on another device, it always is out of sync. One reads PowerOff and the other shows the correct activity. I’m not sure why it would only happen with this input_select and not another one. But here is a screenshot of HA from my iPhone vs. HomeHabit on my Android tablet. The weird thing is sometimes it will sync up after a few minutes but most of the time it doesn’t. I will try on my end to figure this out as if you can’t reproduce, it must be something on my end with an automation. I’ll get back to you if I find the bug. Thanks again.