Running HA Scripts and Automations


I just started exploring HomeHabit with HA to use on a couple of tablets around the house. So far I’m impressed with the simplicity and ease of use. However, I feel the app is a bit buggy. Two annoying issues I’m having:

  1. I would like to trigger a certain HA automation when I click an action or a switch. This doesn’t seem to work, although the interface allows me to bind an automation, but it’s never fired.

  2. I would like to trigger certain HA scripts when clicking an action widget. However, it seems they are never triggered when clicking on the action. They work with a switch, but a toggling switch isn’t suitable for running a script.

Any workarounds? Am I doing something wrong? I’m running HA 0.109.6 and HomeHabit 1.3

@Jay_1 automation is bound as a switch, which is actually allows to turn on/off automation (enable/disable), but not trigger it. I remember some users utilized a template switch in HA as a workaround to trigger automation.

(2) - most likely the reason is missing “desired state” config in action widget. For script it would need to be set to on. Let me know if that does not work.

Thanks! Actions are now working after setting the desired state …

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