RSTP Stream with Huawei AS1-W09 Image Format Error

Hi, everyone. I have a Huawei tablet and use the RSTP stream. Unfortunately, the error Image Format Error appears. However, the RSTP stream works on my Google Pixel 4a. How can I fix the error?

Image Format Error


@Wolfgang_Schadler Can you restart the app, and upload debug logs from the Support screen, after RTSP stream has shown an error?

I have send the debug protocol

Hallo Igor.

Haben Sie mein Debug Protokoll erhalten?

Yes. I see that you have Camera streaming (legacy) feature enabled in HomeHabit Labs, did you enable it because the cameras weren’t working? It should be disabled unless there are issues.
Legacy streaming using Android OS to decode video streams, which might explain why it works with newer OS on a Pixel 4a.
Try disabling that feature flag and see if that helps.

@Wolfgang_Schadler Did disabling Camera streaming (legacy) feature solve the issue?

The Error Image Format error no longer came after deactivating it.
However, a black screen now appears. Have tested the stream and performance on the tablet via VLC. It’s going great there.

Then something else. Did an export from the tablet and imported it into the Pixel4a. After starting the app for the first time, it is immediately closed again and can no longer be started.