Ring-mqtt camera works when tapped, but not in rules

I have ring-mqtt set up with a live feed of my camera. On a page configured like so:

  "pages": [
      "label": "Camera",
      "icon": "camera",
      "widgets": [
          "type": "camera",
          "position": {
            "x": 0,
            "y": 0,
            "width": 6,
            "height": 4
          "properties": {
            "label": "Front Door Doorbell Camera Live",
            "video-uri": {
              "binding": "11yrwz9qaaikl1hg3hai33zcx4.camera.front_door_live#camera.video-uri"
            "snapshot": {
              "binding": "11yrwz9qaaikl1hg3hai33zcx4.camera.front_door_doorbell_snapshot#camera.snapshot"
            "snapshot-image": null,
            "snapshot-interval": "10s",
            "snapshot-timestamp": true,
            "scaling": "crop",
            "rotation": 0
      "label": "Page #1",
      "icon": "number-1",
      "widgets": []
      "label": "Page #2",
      "icon": "number-2",
      "widgets": []

Tapping on the snapshot opens a live screen in a modal.

When I configure a rule:

"show-camera": {
  "name": "Show Doorbell Camera",
  "condition": {
    "item": "11yrwz9qaaikl1hg3hai33zcx4.input_boolean.doorbell_ding#switch.state",
    "operator": "eq",
    "value": "on"
  "action": {
    "type": "show-camera",
    "binding": "11yrwz9qaaikl1hg3hai33zcx4.camera.front_door_live#camera.video-uri",
    "value": null
  "enabled": true

The modal shows “video format error” when it opens.

Running today’s 30.0 release.

@radiocolin Can you upload debug logs right after the rule and show camera is triggered.

How do I do that?

In Support screen > Tap Upload debug logs


Thanks for uploading the logs. The issue is fixed for the next patch release (30.2).

Wow, awesome! Thank you.

This works now, thanks!

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