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After upgrading to the latest version, I cannot seem to restore settings using import. It adds another Dashboard, which I can’t select, because that requires Premium. I have been using 2 tables (ground floor, top floor) for several years with great pleasure (with 1 20 USD license). Is there a way to get my tablet back up? It has become an essential household appliance… :open_mouth:

@Maverick Is this an older configuration export (like a backup) or it was done on a recent version?
Can you try importing again and then upload debug logs from the Support screen?

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After a reboot, it seems to work now!
However, I now have a basic account, while I purchased a license once. Is there a way to enter it inside HomeHabit?

It seems to miss a background, I can’t seem to change the background anymore to fix it ?

Thanks for following up btw. Still happy with HoneHabit hanging on my wall tablet :wink:

Which device had the import issue originally, one with Basic or Premium license?
I understood that it is about the one with Basic license, but I’m not sure now.

Was the app reinstalled on any device with the Premium license?

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I updated the app on a device that has been running HH for 2 years now. I’m not sure about the license, but I think I had a regular license, before Premium was introduced…

These two statements seem to contradict, so I’m not clear on what is the exact issue. Did you purchase the license on that device previously?
Can you also upload debug logs from the Support screen, so I can find any related licenses/orders.

I am sorry for the confusion. I have just uploaded my debug logs from funf*********

What I did is:

  1. Update HomeHabit app on Android
  2. All settings and Dashboard were gone
  3. Imported 1yr old backup .json
  4. That worked

I now have these issues:

  • I can only acces the first three Dashboard pages. I have three more, which are greyed out. I can reach them though in editing mode, just can’t access them to use them.
  • I get this error from time to time (e.g. when turning my tablet from landscape to portrait and back)
    “Unable to get permission to read backdrop URI.”
  • I have the option to upgrade to Premium from the settings. Does this mean it isn’t at the moment? If so, can I upgrade from the app somehow?

Thanks again for everything you do! :wink:

  • edit: I did purchase Premium on 29 March 2020.

@Maverick Thanks for providing the details, I think I understand the issue better now.

Premium license purchase from 2020 is already applied on another device (device id: d549088a-****-****-****230d, visible in Support screen). I assume that is the other device you mentioned before. Since a Premium license is for a single device, it would not apply to this device. Basic license has 1 dashboard and 3 pages limit, so you would need another Premium license to use more dashboards/pages on this device.
If you were updating from a really old app version, there is possibility that it was still pre-release beta version that had all premium features enabled as a beta-trial. It is hard to say right now what was happening, without knowing the exact version before the update.
Sorry about the confusion.

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Thanks @igor, that explains it.

As I said before, I am quite happy with HomeHabit and it works great accross my household. I have been using it for 2 years now and I also wrote a post about my wall mounted touch panel, connecting HomeHabit to Home Assistant. I like the way you bring new useful features to the app on a regular basis. I also wrote a review on the Google App store.

As a software creator for decades I appreciate people paying for good work and I understand the license. However, as others have pointed out also in reviews in the app stores, introducing the 20 USD per device is a bit of a downer. I have 2 tablets and several phones gratefully using HomeHabit for 2 years now. I do not want to use different apps nor purchase single licenses. I know there is an annual fee as well, but I want to be with HomeHabit for the long run.

A ‘family license’ for 3 devices for example would be a welcome compromise IMO.

Still, thanks for everything you do and I still like HomeHabit, it’s an amazing useful front end for non-tech users and households! :grinning:

@Maverick Thanks for giving your perspective on this. I appreciate it.

Can you give more details on your concerns about the single licenses - is it the price per device itself, or that you prefer to have a one fixed price for all/multiple devices?
Also, I was curious, how many devices total do you use with HomeHabit across your household?

I’m always looking for feedback and trying to bring more value to the users, at the best price. It is a balancing act between providing value and the long-term future. So I appreciate you sharing your perspective.

Hey, thanks for being appreciative. I get the balance to walk with this. Also, it’s not about the amount of money, it’s doable of course. As with many software platforms that get bigger, once there is a great deal of people using it, I guess it’s always a bit of a let down when the service increases in price significantly. With HomeHabit, it started out like any other (paid) app that’s great to use across several devices. Like you said, it must have been an early beta, but the switch to a paid license per device caught me by surprise.

Personally, I believe it’s a good thing to charge on a continuous basis for a service that is used continuously, like a cloud service (.e.g. NabuCasa with Home Assistant). HomeHabit though pretty much runs stand alone, as it should. Therefore I would prefer a one-time purchase (with perhaps a paid major upgrade at some point). If HH were to offer cloud based config backup and editing or something like that, it would in my opinion justify a ‘subscription’. But to me, that’s not in the nature of HH.

Again, it’s not about the money and it’s well worth it for the value HH offers, including new features that you bring in regularly. I use three devices: 2 tablets, 1 from my community blogpost, 1 upstairs and I use it on my phone. I was considering creating another tablet for the mid-floor. I wouldn’t be eager to spend the 80 USD though, though I don’t want to deny you pay for your work.

Then again, if all the features work except more than three tabs, I don’t mind running the free version on my other devices. I just hope it doesn’t get limited over time :slight_smile:

I understand that not all users could have been aware of that, which probably resulted in those Play Store reviews you mentioned, but HomeHabit pricing structure (per device) never changed since it was announced back in 2016. At that time the app only supported OpenHAB as Project Rotini, before HomeHabit was a thing.

From my point of view, I wouldn’t classify HomeHabit as a standalone app since in its core it depends on 3rd-party servers (whether cloud or local network) - that requires a constant upkeep. Especially with something like Home Assistant that might have breaking changes in many releases. And the last thing any user would want for their wall panel to be suddenly broken. If HH would only use its own cloud server, it would be require fewer resources in the long run. At low to medium scale, servers are cheap, developer time is expensive.
It is common opinion that subscription is justified only for a cloud service, for various reasons, so I probably not going change many people’s mind on this :slight_smile:

I also want to point out that by design target audience for Premium Plus are users who are not using large smart home platforms like HA or OpenHAB. So there is no intention to push current Premium license users towards subscription, since they don’t need individual device integrations that already supported by their platform, and the rest of the features are available for both.

The app had clear separation between free and paid features even during the beta, since a user would need to start a “free trial” on each device at that time (it was a confirmation dialog). I’m personally strongly opposed to practices of some apps and services to lock in previously free features, so you shouldn’t expect this here. All additions to HomeHabit licensing, like Premium Plus, have been always for additional features with no effect to the existing users.

There was a sale during last holiday season for Premium license for unlimited number of devices with one-time payment. It was a one-off thing at that time, but something might happen again.
Keep an eye out for any future announcements :slight_smile:

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