Remote connection on web widget

Web widgets are great, but without the possibility of having 2 different urls for local and remote it really doesn’t make full sense.
I use it for example to display my diy powerflow screen

@frnandu Would you be able to use remote URL in web widget regardless of connection?

That would be ideally, but I can’t somehow configure my router to handle * and resolve them to local addresses. Not much flexibility on my router, maybe other routers would be possible, don’t know.

maybe i don’t have some context on the setup, but wouldn’t * be resolved to IP by dynamic DNS service?
I guess, I’m not sure why local connection should be any different from remote connection when using * I mean it is an extra round trip to DNS service, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.

When I use https://<host> I just get the router configuration page.
I do have router configuration set for NAT/PAT rule to foward port 443 to my raspberry port 443, and from outside (not using my wifi ap) it does work. But when using inside (wifi) it just renders my router configuration page (the same that shows on port 80 at )
Besides, even if it did work usind <host> on home wifi, from outside I would still need the possibility to give login/password on the web widget to allow http basic authentication required by haproxy. Tried passing https://<login>:
<password> but it doesn’t work, not mentioning that it probably is not safe to just configure your url in this way…