Release - Preview 20: New widgets

The new app version is getting closer to the final release, after a few last key updates are made in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for further announcements.

In this release, number of new and improved widgets are available. There are also a few important bug fixes.
The update will be rolling out during the next 48 hours.

Scene widget

Highly requested Scene widget is available in two styles: standard and mode.
This widget now combines two separate widgets from the legacy version.

Dimmer widget

This widget state can be bound to any dimmer, volume, shutter or light item.

Other changes

  • Improved platform management with ability to delete and disable platforms
  • Ability to configure maximum value for Gauge widget


  • Platform sync is not reconnected properly after internet connection has been interrupted (bug)
  • Curtain weather conditions when bound to OpenHAB items are not recognized (bug, bug)
  • Group items from OpenHAB are not updated when one of the grouped items has changed (bug)
  • Better error message for SSL errors during platform setup

Pending fixes

The fix for loading of camera images is still pending. It is the highest priority to fix, but it couldn’t make it into this release.

This release is being delayed until further notice because of several critical bugs.

The release is being rolled out now.