Release - Preview 18: Phone support

It has been a while since the last release! A lot of work, some internal, had been done to prepare for this release, so I hope you enjoy all the features coming in the release.
New version will be rolling out during the next couple of days.

Phone support

… is finally here!
All phones with Android 4.4+ are supported.

Value widget

There were a lot of requests for this widget. With Value widget you can show data that doesn’t match any other widget as text or a number.

Other changes

  • Support for locks in Sensor widget
  • Ability to bind shutter items in Switch widget


  • Fixed support for cover component from Home Assistant (bug)
  • Label is not visible in Weather widget when using simple layout
  • External text-based config import error should only be shown when config was actually loaded from the server, but has invalid format

Patch release is rolling out now to fix a bug with Shutter widgets.