Release - Beta 6-9: Recap

This is a recap of releases for the last couple of months (Beta 6 through Beta 9).

Import / Export

This is a highly requested feature. It is now possible to import/export platform and dashboard configurations into a file to be used as a backup or to transfer configuration to another device.

Note: platform credentials are not exported for security reasons and would need to be set again after import.


Dashboard backdrop was a popular feature in the legacy version. So we are happy to bring it to HomeHabit as well. Backdrop can be easily set from any image you have on device or any connected cloud storage provider.


Dashboard shortcuts can be used to go directly to a specific dashboard in the app.
This feature is available when using supporting Android launchers.

Stretch for Camera widget

Camera image can be set to stretch to fill available space. Use stretch for scaling property in text-based config.

Bug fixes

  • Image URL with redirects are working now (bug)
  • Temperature items not working correctly (bug)
  • All-day calendar items show up multiple times in Calendar widget (bug)