Release - Beta 14: Tasker integration

Tasker integration

Tasker action integration is available. Some other apps that use the same plugin api also supported, such as Automate.
Integration allows you to add an task action to assign certain state to an item inside HomeHabit. Currently only switch-like devices are supported, it will be extended to more types later (idea).

Room widget improvements

Room widget has a new layout when photo/camera is not setup. All configured elements are shown in a grid.

Device groups

Ability to group multiple devices in Switch, Light and Sensor widgets. Widget will show how many devices are activated.

Other changes

  • Dimmer position and light color will be set at minimum value when device is off
  • Light dimmers and optionally regular dimmers are now shown as activated only when above minimum value, which is consistent with switch behavior.
  • New pressure units: hPa, kPa, cbar

Bug fixes

  • Import/Export file picker is not working on some Samsung devices
  • Humidity sensors and thermostat humidity should be bindable to Room widget elements with humidity type
  • Widget editor layout is not sized correctly on some screens
  • Weather widget forecast layout breaks when adding new forecast periods
  • Occasional widget error when its resized


Home Assistant
  • Fix: Some humidity sensor devices are incorrectly treated as generic numeric sensors
  • Fix: Non-restricted camera endpoint will used to avoid permission issues when accessing as non-admin user (bug)
  • Fix: Camera snapshots are to be retrieved through Domoticz proxy instead of directly